Please leave a clear way for the Tour of Britain

Observe the clearway signs, and help keep everyone safe on race day

Residents and businesses along the Tour of Britain cycle race route are being asked to plan ahead, and to check whether the place they usually park their vehicles will be available to them on the weekend of Cornwall’s largest sporting event.

Along the 111 mile race route, certain Clearway sections must be kept clear of parked traffic to ensure the safety of spectators and competitors.

Over the coming week the Clearway locations are being clearly marked with signs on pavements and roads, and leaflets with maps will be distributed by hand in affected communities, or placed on car windscreens.

Stephen Rushworth, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member overseeing the preparations for the race, said: “Don’t worry if you see our leaflet on your windscreen, it’s not a parking ticket! It’s simply a polite advance notice that you will have to park somewhere else for a few hours on Sunday 5 September, and in parts of Penzance from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 September.”

“We are setting up temporary clearways – just for that weekend – on parts of the route where there must be no stopping and no parking. For many residents who usually park on the highway, we may be able to suggest somewhere else for you to park at no cost. Moving your vehicle means that everyone can enjoy the cycle race, and the fast-moving competitors can get through some of our road’s tight spots without danger.”

“I’d like to thank everyone for co-operating, and helping to make the race safe and spectacular.”

All affected roads will be open to traffic as normal, but the Temporary Clearway Order means there must be no stopping or parking on them during the times shown. For most places this will be for only a few hours on Sunday 5 September, but on some Penzance roads there will be restrictions from 16.00 on Friday 3 September through to 18.00 on Sunday.

The Temporary Clearway Order being put in place requires vehicles to be parked elsewhere during the stated times, or they risk being towed away to a safe location locally.

In addition to these clearways, each location on the route will experience a Rolling Road Closure while the cyclists pass through (see one in this video). Typically this takes around 30-40 minutes, during which time traffic on adjoining roads, drives and car parks will held back. You will know when a rolling road closure is about to happen because it is preceded by Police clearing the road and forewarning pedestrians. Emergency blue light vehicles will, of course, always be given precedence.


Check when the race is expected to arrive in your community: Estimated Times of Arrival

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