Grand Départ Stage

05 / 09 / 2021

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Tour of Britain Road Closure System

On each stage of the Tour of Britain, road closures are put in place for a short amount of time ahead of when the race passes through – minimising any dangers to professional athletes and communities along the route.

If you live, work or commute along the Cornwall Stage route, there will be road closures altering your travel for a small window of time while the race passes. This is known as a rolling road closure.

Tour of Britain operate a ‘rolling road closure’ system rather than a full road closure to minimise disruption to the local community as much as possible. Therefore, the roads will only be closed for a short window (approximately 30 minutes), while the race passes through.

When fully confirmed by Tour of Britain, we will provide information on when to expect the rolling road closure to be occurring near you.

The rolling road closure entails closing roads along the Tour of Britain route, and junctions with access roads to the route, ahead of when the race is expected to pass and while the race moves through. The length of closure of the rolling road block depends upon how spread the riders are. Typically, the lead motorcycle instigating the closure is 15 minutes ahead of the lead rider. The closure then remains in place until all riders and race cars have passed through.

There will be police cars as well as National Escort Group (NEG) motorbikes that will work to safely hold traffic and restart traffic before and after the race moves through areas of a town, city or village.

The rolling road closure works like a moving bubble: the race is at the centre and the police escort, safety and support cars, ahead and behind the bubble help keep it moving forward, whilst minimising the amount of disruption to the public and traffic.

Please view the Tour of Britain video showing how the road closures are put in place for the race coming through an area.